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Double lines, for mowing and thinning work. Mowing lines are automatically extended when the mowing head is tapped on the ground.



Compatable with - FR85, FR106, FR108, FR130, FR131T, FR220, FR350, FR450, FR460TC, FR480FS25-4, FS44, FS56C, FS55, FS55R, FS56R (2008+), FS65-4, FS66, FS70C, FS70RC, FS74, FS76, FS80, FS83, FS85, FS86, FS87, FS88, FS90, FS91, FS94C, FS94RC, FS96, FS100, FS106, FS108, FS110, FS111, FS120, FS130, FS131, FS200, FS240C, FS250, FS-KMFSA90, FSA90R, FSA130, FSA130RKA85, KM55, KM56, KM56RC, KM85, KM90, KM94RC, KM100, KM111R, KM130, KM131, KM131R, KMA130R, KR85

STIHL AutoCut 25-2 Strimmer Head


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