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Classic Fuel Solutions | Storage Plus, Ethanol Free


CFS Storage Plus is an ethanol-free unleaded petrol, designed to be storage stable for up to three years.


Why Use an Ethanol-free Fuel?


As many classic car, bike and also boat owners have discovered, modern unleaded petrol is hygroscopic. The reason for this is the mandatory inclusion of ethanol in all premium unleaded and most super unleaded forecourt fuels. The current level of between 5-7% is scheduled to be increased to 10% in the not-too-distant future, meaning that the future is not bright unless the fuel systems are newer than 2002 or have been updated to cope with ethanol-blended fuels.

High levels of ethanol in petroleum fuel results in increased moisture levels, which is likely to cause rust and corrosion in the fuel system. This badly affects carburettors and fuel lines, as the ethanol itself is also corrosive to aluminium, bronze and zinc typically found in carburettors. Both these issues are compounded by long periods of non-usage.

CFS Storage Plus is specifically formulated to be kinder on gaskets, O-rings and other fuel system components compared to unleaded petrol. It also contains detergent additives for engine cleanliness, as well as antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors to extend storage life. When stored in airtight, opaque fuel containers, Storage Plus should remain storage stable for 3-5 years.

CFS Storage Plus burns extremely cleanly and its 99 RON and 92MON provides excellent protection from detonation.

Classic Fuel Solutions 10 Ltr | Storage Plus, Ethanol Free


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