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Replacement part suitable for some straight shaft brushcutters.


Suitable Stihl models:

FR85, FR85T, FR130T, FR131T, FR220, FR350, FR410C, FR450, FR460TC, FR480, FS80, FS85, FS87, FS89, FS90, FS91, FS100, FS110, FS111, FS120, FS130, FS131, FS200, FS240C, FS250, FSA130, KA85, KM85, KM90, KM100, KM110, KM130, KR85


  • 255mm (10") blade
  • Bore size 25.4mm (1")
  • Suitable for thinning, removing tough tangled grass, scrub and thorny hedges

Universal Tri-Blade Brush Cutter Head


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